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  (with B. Kwansa & J.M. Dapaah) The dark side of privacy: Stigma, shame, and HIV/AIDS in Ghana. Submitted. [text]
2018 Lying in defence of privacy: Anthropological and methodological observations. International Journal of Social Research Methodology. Open access.
2007 Life after dark in Kwahu-Tafo, Ghana. Etnofoor 20(2): 23-39.[pdf]
2007 Beddenloos. In: Ineke Teijmant (red) De samenleving ligt op straat. Essays voor Léon Deben. Apeldoorn: Het Spinhuis, pp. 15-16. [text]
2006 Sleeping in Kwahu, Ghana. Medische Antropologie 18 (1): 73-86.[pdf]
2006 (with Geert Mommersteeg) Beds and culture: Introduction. Medische Antropologie 18 (1): 7-17. [pdf]
2005 Bed en beddengoed: Antropologische notities. Medische Antropologie 17 (1): 117-39. [pdf]
2003 Kou en warmte in de stad: Over ‘privacy in public’ en geveinsde onverschilligheid. Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift 30 (3): 528-43. [pdf]
2002 The toilet: Dignity, privacy and care of elderly people in Kwahu, Ghana. In: S. Makoni & K. Stroeken (eds) Ageing in Africa: Sociolinguistic and anthropological approaches. Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 227-44. [pdf]
1987 Living place/loving place: Remembering Kwahu.Ghana Newsletter 26/27:23-25. [pdf]

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